Public Service Announcement - La Pine Fire District Board Meeting November 13, 2007
Nov 09,2007 00:00 by LWNS


LaPine Rural Fire Protection District

November 13, 2007

9:00 a.m. 


Open Meeting –  Flag Salute

            Roll Call 

1. Approve Minutes: Regular Board Meeting – October 11, 2007 

2. Approve Bills: October 11, 2007 through November 6, 2007 in your packet

                             November 7, 2007 through November 12, 2007 presented at Board Meeting


3. Management Report:  October 2007 Report 

4. Correspondence:  A. Received: Thank you from Central Oregon Fire Prevention Cooperative to Chief                                                                                       Gustafson for helping to staff the Prevention Area at the Deschutes County Fair.

B. Received: Thank you from Patricia Williams.

C. Received: Notice from Wilderness Garbage & Recycling regarding rate increase.

D. Received: Telephone call from a patient’s husband regarding care.

E. Received: Thank you the Earls.

F. Sent: Thank you to Jon & Sharon Vurik.

5. Old  Business:  A. SDAO 2008 Best Practices Self-Assessment Guide for Special Districts

    B. Station Tour

C. SROA Apparatus Maintenance Agreement

D. Board Policy #95-02 “Responding to Unprotected Areas” Review and Direction

E. Miscellaneous 

6. New Business:    A. Statewide Infrastructure Needs Inventory

                B. Deputy Chief Chris Griffin

                 C. Part-time Office Clerk Lynn Swoger

                D. Future Funding of the 911 Service District

                G. Miscellaneous  

7. Special Meetings or Workshops:  

    • Included in your packet is information from the League of Oregon Cities: Oregon Local Leadership Institute regarding various training offerings.  Several that maybe of interest that are planned for Bend March 6 and 7, 2008 are “Board Policy, Strategic Planning and Performance Management” and “Internal Controls and Loss Prevention in Local Governments”

8. Open Forum for Public Input:  

9. Executive Session Pursuant to:  

10. Good of the Order: Director Kelley asked to have these pages included for your review and future discussion.  

11. Next Meeting Scheduled for: Thursday December 13, 2007 – 9:00am 

12. Adjourn Board Meeting